Dev report: May 2013

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There has already been a large amount of feedback, suggestions and bug reports which really helps shape the future of BracketCloud. This blog post will detail the current beta development status. We successfully launched BracketCloud earlier this month with less teething issues than we had forecasted. This has allowed us to move on swiftly to completing new features.

Embed widget

We're almost finished building embeddable tournaments. We focused strongly on user customization, to help you fit in the widget to your sites theme. We will push this feature to production in the first week or so of June.

Participant management

We are building a separate tab on tournament pages solely for advanced management of Participants. On this tab, you can easily create, edit and remove participants. We will also be providing Team functionality where admins or team leaders can specify the members of their team. One of the most powerful features is custom fields. Using this, you will be able to set custom fields for your participants and specify if they are presented on the sign up form or are for admins eyes only. For online gaming, we plan to improve these even further in future by interfacing with game APIs to validate game IDs, player names etc.

Round robin

The API implementation of Round robin tournament types is complete. We will continue to build the client side functionality through-out June and hope to launch this before July.


We recently launched our Malay site translation. Over the next week we will launch Japanese, Spanish and Hindi versions of BracketCloud. If you want to contribute and help translate BracketCloud into your own language, please contact us on Twitter via @BracketCloud!
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