Dev report: June 2013

Imaxe de Fenda
It's that time of month again. In this blog post I will update you all on the development of BracketCloud.

Embed widget

Stage 1 is complete! You can now embed your tournaments as an iframe by simply clicking the share button on the tournament page and copying the iframe html code. We are now working on Stage 2, which will entail advanced embed settings. Through these advanced settings you can fully customize the appearance of the widget to match your sites style. ETA 2 weeks!

Participant management

Complete! Simply switch to the Participants tab on your tournament pages to find the new management interface. We built out two highly requested features here. Custom fields and team member management. If you have any feedback or suggestions please get in contact with us on Twitter at @BracketCloud.

Round robin

ETA July.


Hindi and Japanese translations have been installed. Next up will be Spanish. We're still looking for more translators so please get in touch!

Google Drive

BracketCloud works with Google Drive! Simply go to your Google Drive dashboard, click Create, "Connect more apps" and search for BracketCloud. This allows you to organize your tournaments within your Drive!

Drupal module

For those running sites on Drupal, we have started development on the BracketCloud integration module. It's open source so do check it out.

PHP API Wrapper

We built and launched a PHP Wrapper for the BracketCloud API. Find it out Github here:
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