1.4 Changelog

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Version 1.4. We've made a huge update: Ladders, custom icons, analytics and hybrid tournaments plus some cool things for participants and matches detailed below.
As usual you can give feedback via Twitter or Uservoice.


+ Beta release of Ladders tournaments.
+ Hybrid tournaments.
+ Menu to enable/disable chat.
+ Custom Icons for PRO users.
+ Tournament Analytics for PRO users.
+ Match ordering inside a Groups for RoundRobin tournaments.
+ Bracket matches can now have 0 - 0 scores.
+ Participants can be changed of group from the details modal inside a RoundRobin tournament.
+ Participants played matches inside details modal.
+ Participants filter on Players/ Teams tab.
+ "Add participant" button on Players/ Teams tab.
+ Fix background for Full Screen mode of tournaments.

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