Pricing and Payment Terms

Last modified on May 1st 2013

Pro Accounts

By choosing to upgrade your account to use advanced features, your account will be converted to a Pro Account. Pro service features are non-transferrable.

Billing payments are made through PayPal. Through PayPal, BracketCloud will automatically charge you monthly or yearly, depending on the payment plan you select. If you fail to make subsequent payments due to delay or transaction issues then BracketCloud reserves the right to suspect or revoke access to your Pro account.

The fees for your Pro Account will be billed immediately upon purchase and on each monthly or yearly renewal thereafter unless and until you cancel your account. To cancel your Pro Account, simply go to your PayPal account profile and cancel the recurring payment. For more information see the PayPal support page.

BracketCloud reserves the right to change fees and charges or add new fees and charges. We will give you advance notice of any changes via email.

Registration fees

BracketCloud acts as an agent between participants and tournament organizers by offering an online tournament registration fee payment system. BracketCloud accepts a flat rate 5% transaction margin fee from all registration fee payments. PayPal transaction fees also apply to all payments. All registration fee payments will be made to BracketCloud and then forwarded to the tournament organizer automatically. Any fees related to tournaments are at the discretion of each tournament owner (i.e. creator, organizer, host), who decides the fee amount, currency type, refund policy and how such fees are spent. Tournament organizers must not post false information or perform any type of fraud in an attempt to gain remuneration through the BracketCloud registration fee system. BracketCloud holds no responsibility over the tournament or its content and will not honor refunds in the result of disputes under any condition.

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